Alright so, if you have read my story, then you would know why I advocate for pursuing physical transformation to be able to combat a toxic workplace.

It should be clear by now that the reason for a physical transformation is beyond just for looking good.

Training just to look good is just for vanity. Its a superficial reason.

In fact, I have seen alot of people who look good but are just dumb as a rock mentally.

What I advocate for is to become someone who is both physically strong and mentally sharp, now thats rare.

Hence, it has a higher value and ofcourse, it comes with a higher price tag, that is achievable and will always be superior to just looking big.

This isn’t about obtaining a six pack, although you will eventually.

This isn’t about hitting PRs, although you will eventually.

This isn’t about looking good for the chicks, although you will eventually.

All of the above will come to you, as a by product, just by focusing on optimizing you health so that we set a good foundation for mental transformation.

In the following article, I’ll be sharing with you various tips that I have found to be beneficial for me in my physical transformation journey.

#1 Eliminate Endocrine Disruptors and Get Your Diet Right

Back when I was part of the mentorship group and working at a toxic workplace, I found it hard to go to sleep because of the abnormal thyroid function disrupted by the products suggested by the mentorship group organizers and life stress in general.

After I left the group, I was able to normalize my thyroid function, by getting my diet right and getting rid of all of the products I was using that was affecting my thyroid.

I still recall replacing all of the consumables I was using, with regular brands without endocrine disruptors and setting up my auto-ship order for MyMuscleChef meals on a weekly basis, so that I don’t have to waste my time shopping, cooking and cleaning in the kitchen.

I had alot of things to figure out and last thing what I wanted to do was waste time doing chores and making mistakes at it, only to ruin my health in a different way.

When I used to cook for myself, it was either too salty or just tasteless when it was time to eat during lunch time.

Switching MyMC, basically was huge time and energy saver for my case.

If your financial situation doesn’t facilitate that yet, then take baby steps.

Perhaps, consider using fast food in a strategic manner.

#2 Strategic use of Fast Food

I do not want to consume fast food, just as much as the next health conscious person.

However, we both can agree, the chemical combination they use in the products makes it really addictive to completely ignore.

Which is why, I decided to try to find a way to use fast food in a strategic manner so that I wouldn’t get too addicted although, I do get tempted a little bit.

Besides, MyMC alone doesn’t really cover my caloric needs, more on that later.

What I had found in my experience is that, after I find out my caloric needs, especially the macros ratios, I negotiate in my mind about what food to eat when.

Generally speaking, I usually consider using fast food for dinner or soon after training, because of the high amounts of carbohydrates it contains.

Being someone who can easily gain weight and find it hard to shed fat, using carbs after work while my body is still revving in all cylinders after workout helps.

Besides, using carbohydrates, prior to sleep helps with serotonin production in the brain which improves self-esteem and all round life satisfaction.

#3 Estimate Your Caloric Needs

I got into fitness long before I came to Australia, as I used to be a fat kid almost all my life.

Working as a software engineer, didn’t help it much either.

As a matter of a necessity to function optimally at work, I started researching about fitness, weeding through good and bad advices, treating myself as a guinea pig testing supplements, I learned alot.

However, the one thing I wished I had learned earlier on was macro-nutrients and how it’s ratios can affect physical performance.

Soon I came to know about Total Daily Energy Expenditure (TDEE) calories and how it can be tweaked to either gain or lose weight by building muscle or burning fat.

Over time I started experiencing how having more calories in my diet, gave me the extra energy to lift and how a caloric deficit was making it harder to lift and how it affected my performance in the gym and life.

Calculating my TDEE can be cumbersome, so I created an app to easily calculate this for free at

Not to brag or anything, but the app features an ability to tweak your caloric needs depending on your goals and depending on how fast you want to achieve those goals.

I’m proud of this work. Matter of fact, I developed this app so that I could be considered for a react developer role I was applying for.

For now, go ahead and use my TDEE calculator and get your nutrition numbers ready with you.

#4 Track Your Calories

You should have your caloric needs based on your height, weight, activity levels with you handy.

Now all you have to do is to track these numbers everyday, for atleast 3 to 4 weeks so your eating habits are automatic.

Lets face it, its not practical to keep tracking our numbers every single day for the rest of our lives.

Hence, its best to a calorie tracker like MyFitnessPal on an, as needed basis, for a short period just to make sure that the food you eat is not letting you go over your caloric needs everyday.

Now I don’t know about you, I can eat the same exact thing everyday, without any change. Thats me though, because I like to keep it simple and stupid.

I have come across people who want variety everyday and it drives them nuts if they have the same thing everyday, so if you are one of those people, tracking is going to be a bit more tricky for you.

That being said, which ever category of eating patterns you fall under, you can’t 100% guarantee that you will meet all of your caloric needs because of the way food gets produced these days.

#5 Consider supplementation

If you have read so far into this article, then you know that I’m not much of a cook and prefer to use a meal prep service like MyMuscleChef to get my nutritional needs met.

On top of using fast food strategically to tickle my taste buds every now and then, I consider taking supplements to close any micro or macro nutrient gaps that I might potentially have.

Over the years, after I had developed my TDEE Calculator, I was wondering how could I add more value to people in the fitness space, in accordance to my life’s mission, and ofcourse to be 100% honest, make some dollars from my passion.

I did alot of soul searching and what I have found was that I was genuinely being reborn in the process after dealing with the mentorship group and the toxic workplace I was part of.

I could see that I was reborn, because the subtle covert manipulation of the then workplace colleagues I had didn’t phase me. I could see through all of them and it didn’t make me loose sleep at night like it used to.

From this idea, I built Reborn Supplements

It was both a project stemmed from my passion and life experience, which is built to empower and improve yours.

I highly recommend you to consider my brand over the others, because I have lot of bonuses included along with your purchase.

#6 Plan. Track. Workout

No physical transformation tips list will be complete without mentioning the fact that you should be tracking your workout.

I have seen time and time again, people go to the gym only to take 10 min breaks chatting, taking selfies and making content for their onlyfans.

Then they complain that they don’t see any results.

I personally don’t consider gym as a social place, exclusive for 10 min chats.

Quick chats here and there, if required. Most of the time, there are no words being spoken, but thats just me though.

In between sets, I’m usually busy on my phone tracking workouts either using BoostCamp or StrongLifts if I’m doing the 5 x 5 Strength training workout.

I especially like BoostCamp for the variety of workout they have curated from reddit and their tracking is really neat and the user experience on the app appeals to me.

#7 Reduce Stress & Recover

When I started my fitness journey in the past, when used to be free for all, I didn’t focus much on recovery.

In my defence, I was young. It just happened automatically. I was comfortably ignorant of the world, to be stressed.

However, as an adult the game changed quickly.

I started getting stressed about the job, the money, bills, credit, workplace shenanigans etc.

Overtime this takes a toll on your productivity, add on top of it the stress induced by a workout, puts more demand on focusing on recovering between workouts.

The lack of recovery would be evident in your output, whether it be at work, or the gym or in your finances or even in your relationships.

Some resort to supplements, like myself, I take multi-vitamins and L-tryptophan, if I don’t get enough of it from my diet.

Others resort to experiences, like going to the beach, long walks, snuggling with pets, etc to recharge their physical and mental batteries.

Whatever works for you, ensure to get enough of it, in accordance to the level of effort you exert that causes the stress.

What next?

These are my top tips on physical transformation that could prime you to be become a cognitive athlete that can handle the challenges of a toxic workplace.

I hope you enjoyed this article as much as I enjoyed writing it for you.

If you have any comments, questions, suggestions about these tips, feel free to put in the comment section below.

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