I Help Professionals Survive And Thrive In A Toxic Workplace.

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In 2019, I had the unfortunate circumstances of working at a toxic workplace.

I had my first experience of working with a narcissist which was followed by a series of psychological manipulation tactics and harassment which made me cynical of the world.

Followed by that experience, I moved to a different company which infested (that’s the accurate word) with similar personalities.

I was psychologically tortured in that company for two years as I didn’t have enough “local experience” (euphemism for no student debt) to work in an Australian company.

Working for that company started affecting my physical and mental health.

Everyday felt like a war, the battlefield was the office and the battle was 100% psychological.

When I go to social events, I got confirmation that many people experience and feel the same way as I did and nobody had answers to it.

I had a lot of questions in my mind after all of these experiences, such that I had to find answers and go on a unique journey that I didn’t expect myself to go.

I learned a great deal about the mind, office politics, psychological tactics people play in the corporate offices, strategies of self-care, defending against these manipulators etc.

I had an ethical dilemma as to whether I should share this with people, because of it’s double edged sword like nature.

However, after reading Mastery by Robert Greene and determining my life’s task, I had a fire lit in me.

The same fire I used to have prior to these negative experiences.

Then, I made a decision. I had a mission.

My mission is to help people become cognitive athletes, using the talents and unique set of tech and marketing skills I have obtained over the past 10 years.

And now, I want to share what I have learned with you in my FREE 14 day email course.

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