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Mental Transformation

In the last couple of years, I had to face a lot of mental challenges because of toxic workplaces. If you have read my story here, you would know that I had to deal with chronic stress which affected my ability to sleep, my quality of life and subsequently the way I thought, felt and acted. Over the years I was put in a position to research and test different ways to handle the mental stress that I was [...]

11 February 2024|Categories: Self Improvement|

Physical Transformation

Alright so, if you have read my story, then you would know why I advocate for pursuing physical transformation to be able to combat a toxic workplace. It should be clear by now that the reason for a physical transformation is beyond just for looking good. Training just to look good is just for vanity. Its a superficial reason. In fact, I have seen alot of people who look good but are just dumb as a rock mentally. What [...]

11 February 2024|Categories: Self Improvement|

Digital Transformation

You might think what does "digital" have got anything to do with being a cognitive athlete. Its understandable and you might even have a point to that thought. The more I thought about it, the more it made sense to me. Let me explain why... We live in a digital world, there is no arguing of that fact. Unlike the past, we are more meshed with a virtual world that ever before. Prior to the internet, we only had [...]

11 February 2024|Categories: Self Improvement|
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