Stop Dreaming & Take Massive Freaking Action

I mean lets face it…we all like to dream about a better life, better relationships etc etc… I know I do.

See this post is like a confession.

I haven’t been following my own advice lately. I always talk about blogging daily and learning daily.

I have failed. I have been going through a rough patch in life with visa issues and stuff that comes along with it.

For almost a month and a half, i had been clogged with clients and job hunting so I can stay in Oman.

Well apparently, they have nationalisation going on here and they have banned visas for like 6-months and that can do a lot more hurt than “Oh! I’m not getting a visa” for guy like me who has lived here his whole life.

On top of that I had some clients which i had to deliver before i leave here.

I do not know if any of you guys have been in this scenario before, but its a nightmare.

Since I almost work 20 hours day to get the projects done, I tend to dream alot..

because I am working that hard to get the projects done and the same time looking for a job.

I friend of mine once said, “Indians are good at managing stress”

At first, i didn’t agree with her but now i realise she was right.

Now you could be thinking, why am i writing all this on a blog?

Well, its a sigh relief to let out whatever is in your head and just let it go.

Today i got done with all the projects and am just relieved, i can get back on the horse and start giving value.

I have always dreamed…ahem…actually planned to blog daily, workout daily and get this blog up and running…

I wanted to shoot videos and help people like you to make money online…

but nothing worked out….

This probably might have happened to a lot of them out there…I have seen blogs left alone with just 5 to 6 blog posts…

Its just sad. Its like how Steve Job said

People say you have to have a lot of passion for what you’re doing and it’s totally true. And the reason is because it’s so hard that if you don’t, any rational person would give up. It’s really hard. And you have to do it over a sustained period of time. So if you don’t love it, if you’re not having fun doing it, you don’t really love it, you’re going to give up. And that’s what happens to most people, actually. If you really look at the ones that ended up being “successful” in the eyes of the society and the ones that didn’t, oftentimes it’s the ones [who] were successful loved what they did, so they could persevere when it got really tough. And the ones that didn’t love it quit because they’re sane, right? Who would want to put up with this stuff if you don’t love it? So it’s a lot of hard work and it’s a lot of worrying constantly and if you don’t love it, you’re going to fail.— D5 Conference: All Things Digital, May 30, 2007

I guess, thats just a kick on my own head…to get things going.

If you are someone, who is stuck with life issues, all i can say is…hang in there…

They are not meant to stay, but to pass away.

With that being said, i wanna thank you for stopping by. Hope to deliver you as much value as possible to help you live your dream.

I gotta get back to shooting some training videos….

Take Care. 🙂


Generate leads without hitting up strangers at costa

Generate leads without hitting up strangers at costa

You know what…..I love costa coffee, infact its my favourite joint to relax myself sipping a double choco and use their wifi for blogging daily.

In fact am writing this very post sitting at costa…

I was thinking about how can i give you guys value and i wanted to choose something so that i can really over deliver.

… i was thinking and checking my facebook and tweets…

one of my college junior and her father walks up to me with a smile….

I was thinking, “Why is he smiling?”…i basically ignored it because i couldn’t recognize him although i had a doubt if i had seen the old man’s daughter somewhere…

I wasn’t quite sure who she was or if she was just a look alike of someone i knew.

I graduated from college 2 years ago, how am i supposed to remember, right?

The girl walks up to me and asks me, “Are you from waljat?”

After a bit of a shock I was like, “umm…i graduated from there. How do you know me?”

“I studied in Waljat. I’m you junior”


Now at this point the old man came in and started the usual network marketer’s “Hey, how you doing?”

He asked me what i did for a living, where i’m working…basically trying to understand what is the problem i am facing so he can pitch his goods to me 😉

So i was sitting there and having a happy conversation. Everything is fine.

After we talked about my visa, (i was having a very hard time getting a visa), he found the problem and this is what he said…

“Actually i think i have something you can benefit from since you are a computer science student”

…i kid you not…at that statement my mind was going like, “ok here comes the pitch”

He didn’t say a word about the company and the only thing he mentioned is its a dubai-based company selling eCommerce products….

so am expecting him to say its a network marketing opportunity or MLM or something….

but nope…nothing at all.

So he went on with a 5 minute pitch and told that his senior manager will meet me and talk to me about the opportunity…

In my mind, i was so confident, “this is 100% network marketing opportunity”, why?

A) the old man was a “traditional” network marketer

B) he delivered zero value to me

C) he tried, but he failed to use the power of attraction so i would eager to know more about his offer

but as a man, respecting his age i didn’t want to say, i’m not interested so i didn’t want to just ignore him like i used to ignore these “old-school” marketers.

I asked him politely, “Is this a network marketing opportunity?”

He was shocked and said, “how did you know?” and his daughter had a jaw-drop.

Pretty darn sure, they didnt expect that from me. I was just a normal customer sitting in costa browsing the web, well actually thinking of something to write.

I just smiled at him and said, ” I’m an affiliate with empower network.”

“Whats that?”

“Its about internet marketing. I teach people how to make money online and help network marketers generate leads and convert sales on the internet”

I had a sense of authority when i actually said that to him…hehe

after continuing with his pitch which was basically promoting and praising what he is trying to sell…

and he gave me his card and left…

I was sitting right there…wow…thank God i just got an amazing topic to right about…

hence this post.

Deep down i was thinking, if only i could help him build his business by teaching him or her daughter how to generate leads online maybe they can get benefited.

Anyways they are going to call me to setup a meeting, for another loooooong boring pitch. I don’t feel like going behind them at all because metaphorically am the deer and he is the hunter…

no deer on the planet ever stands for a hunter…it just runs away.

I teach people the exact opposite and thats “being the hunted”.

My goal is to help you attract leads and get people to buy from you, ONLY FROM YOU!!!

For all i know, i do not know if i can help him to build his business…

…cuz you know he is old and he has been doing 3-way calls and other crap for a long long time probably…so he might not choose to do things the different way (the smart way)….but hey who is forcing…

I’m doing what i love to do the most…hehe just like Vin Deisel says in Fast 6 with a bit of attitude even though am using it in a completely different scenario, “Take it or Leave it” m/

If you are a network marketer, trying to prospect people by promoting your product….all i can say is good luck….its going to be insanely hard…

But when you get in with the main intention is to make other people’s lifes better and provide value by doing so…network marketing is just a breeze and…

not bragging though….with the tools i use you can go sky high and beyond…thats how powerful the world wide web is baby..

thats all for now folks…had a pretty good evening talking to them and sharing one of my life experience & giving you some golden nuggets….

time to get back home and nail my workout..

This is your online success engineer signing off,



A simple kitchen organizing method which made my blogging efforts easy

I had been busy lately working different web designing projects as a part of my freelance.

I enjoy doing what i do, both as an empower network affiliate and as a freelance web designer / developer in Oman.

A couple of months back i have been having a really hard time managing both, as i got some big gigs as a freelancer (not complaining) and i wasn't active as i used to be.

so my fitness was taking a route to the south (i don't know if its even a sensible phrase, i'm Indian and frankly who cares if the route south sentence make any

I always had a plan to start with FocusT25, the latest workout by Shaun T as i crushed Insanity last year. I surely would go for insanity, once again. Its more fun to go back on the "insaniac" track.

One thing i know about fitness is that without nutrition your workout regime is just like a derailed train.

Now getting all workouts, supplements (if any) and all your meals at the right time is insanely harder than the workout unless you pre-plan efficiently.

I know am talking alot about fitness and if you are a couch potato guy, you can learn a thing or two from here....just saying...

So last year when i managed to do insanity, i found out myself slacking off in getting my meals in and since i didnt get the right kind of fuel to get through the workout, my fitness suffered a little bit.

Hold on. i'll come back to how this connects with blogging...

As i did insanity, overtime i experimented a method which would help me get my nutrition at the right time of the day, instead of getting my hands on a pizza or some crap like that...

Pizza offense... 😛

What i did was, over the weekend i did my shopping getting all the stuff i need for my diet and prepared each of my meal for a week before hand...

which means, while you do insanity in one day you will have to eat a minimum 5 meals, which includes 3 main meals and 2 snacks.

The reason they recommend to eat 5 meals a day is because it increases your metabolism rate and help you burn fat off....thats a lil tip for my couch mates.. 😉

The 3 meals includes the good old breakfast, lunch & dinner. The first 2 are manageable but i usually slack off on the 3rd & the 4th meal of the day, the lunch & snack.

so during my weekend i'll be preparing 2 x 7 meals so those 2 meals are taken care of for each day.

I put those meals in separate bowls in which i label the bowl with the day and meal number, so i can just grab each bowl every morning and go to work with zero worry about slacking off on my diet.

It might be hard, but its worth it.

Not to mention my end results are the workout was great too.

Now to the part where it all makes sense with blogging.

Blogging is crucial for you to make money online a.k.a generate leads and convert to sales but blogging could be tedious like meals in the workout example.

If not taken care of, it could derail your marketing efforts. The prime aim of marketing on the internet is to get yourself out there through your blog, your personality (quirks and weirdness included) & your VALUE!!

Blogging daily seems like a hard task but its very simple if you have some spare time. Like lets just say, you have a full time job and you have nothing else to do after work other than prepare dinner and sleep or maybe workout...

You can easily spare 2 hours for both blogging and marketing included.

If you are like me, you might have to use 'kitchen organizing method' on your blogging.

This works seemingly well if you are using the wordpress blogging platform.

In your weekends, you could spend one day jotting down different post titles that will attract your target market and in a bracket write the actual topic on which you will be writing about.

For example,

A simple kitchen organizing method which made my blogging efforts easy (Easier Blogging/auto-blogging)

You can jot down a minimum of 5 post titles on various topics, ofcourse based on the niche you choose.

In a wordpress platform,

Open up your wordpress blog and click on posts > Add New Post and blog like a renegade.

In wordpress you have an ability to set the article to go live on a specific date. If you are a typing your first article, set it up to publish the article a specific date and go on doing the same until you finish the articles.

Now you can spend the rest of the days of the week concentrating on your life activities, lets say a job (probably because you want to build your empower network business) or workout or whatever.

It started getting totally badass when you keep posting articles and you get traffic to your blog. We are talking about automated income from your blog, when you were probably spending time with your partner or kids or having fun and living life.

In a blogbeast platform,

sorry to be the barer of bad news, but it ain't that always i've got your back

in the blogbeast, you do not get the auto-posting feature, instead you could make a slight adjustment to the 'kitchen organization plan'.

In your weekend or whenever you have your creative juices flowing, you could pull out laptop and start writing an article in Word and save it in your hard drive.

Caution: Be careful to save it in a drive where your operating system is not installed. (I'm little bit of an IT geek should be knowing that by If your hard drive crashed because of some reason, you want your work to be safe.

So at this point all you have to do is to post each article daily and on the blog beast platform. You are not spending the usual 2 hours like you would have to but instead you are just merely copying and pasting your own content on the platform for the world to see.

I usually use the blogbeast for training my team...its a perfect platform for training my members, which means if you are joining me, am right there in your back office helping you succeed online.

Now if you are an avid reader of my blog, then you could be wondering, what about marketing your blog post?

To those folks, thank you for being such an avid reader. I really appreciate it. For those folks, who are new to FastlaneMLM, welcome and i'm looking forward to seeing you in the avid reader's club.

To answer the possible question of my peeps, on wordpress platform marketing is taken care of all by itself. Thats right, you can save an hour worth of marketing and content sharing just the moment to you hit the publish button on the wordpress article poster.

Your content would just go on all social media accounts you have linked it with and easing your marketing efforts greatly.

For BlogBeast users, sorry buddy. No donuts for you here.

Although as solution for both platforms, you can always rely on a paid service called PostPlanner or OnlyWire to ease your marketing efforts.

Its just an option, not mandatory. I take my business real serious so i wouldn't mind spending some extra time on spreading the word everywhere as much as possible.

Remember, motivation and the sheer willingness to help and be of service as many people as possible will bring you success.

Just finished my double chocolate at costa...hmm..!! Really gets your creative juice flow.

I hope you got a ton of value from this blogging tip today. Use this in your business and let me know how it works for you and also do feel free to share what you use in your business for making your blogging efforts easy down in the comments below.

Until next time folks with more blogging and MLM tips...