How to set a crystal clear “why” for your business

In many of my previous posts, I had mentioned the importance of having clarity of what you want to achieve to make money online, especially in the 4 pitfalls to avoid while blogging to make money online.

In this post, I wanna show you how to get clear of it.

Its not just that you go ahead and write down, “I want this. I want that “like a kid in a candy shop

There are some specific questions you need to quiz yourself and its imperative that you think about these questions long and hard and come to a rock solid answer.

This income goal setting process is set for a period of 90 days.

Why…90 days? 90 days is a decent time period for getting Google to recognize your post and to build your credibility.

I am going to right the answer from my perspective so you can model that answer the questions accordingly.

Make sure that you choose your offer prior to going through with this exercise.

Just a word of advice, never ever choose your offer based on it’s reselling proposition or just for the business opportunity in it. Always choose a product by researching the company’s product line because that’s what solves your customer’s needs not the biz op.

I am an Empower Network affiliate and I know the quality of the products as I own them and my work ethic so based on that I will be writing down my goals.

Lot of ands…I kmow.

Let’s get on with it.

Question #1: What is the income goal you want to achieve in the next 90 days?

I want to hit $20,000 per month in 90 days.

Question #2: Why do you want that income amount? What purpose will it serve in your life? What is a reason to drive you to accomplish that income goal?

I want that income amount to migrate to Australia and have a better lifestyle. That amount will enable me to start my dream technology based business. I have been looked up on as an under achiever by many. Due to the ways I was bought up, being perceived as an under achiever took a toll on my lack of self-confidence. $20,000 is just the beginning for me to show all those naysayers the big old middle finger and my dream business just solidifies my legacy. The very thought of me standing tall and letting nobodies opinion of me becoming my reality empowers me and gives me the drive to crush it.

Question #3: What evidence is there going to be in your life to show that you have accomplished your outcome?

I would be able to migrate to Australia, live healthy and feel healthy. No more worries of lack of money. Peace of mind. No more waiting for monthly paycheck. No more bosses to suck up to. I will be able to fully focus my mind building my dream business where my passion lies and use that technology to contribute to the betterment of my team.

Question #4: What reward are you going to create for yourself when you reach your outcome? Every time you hit a goal, celebrate.

I have always dreamed on buying a celebration drink from the mall and pop open that bottle and share that moment with my parents.

Question #5: Where are you when you see the evidence that you have achieved your outcome?

It depends if I am going to be in Oman, I’ll be at my room and if I’m in India (like right now), I would be at my aunt’s place.

Question #6: Write out your outcome statement in present tense, in first person and using all of your senses.

I, Brian Babu, am sitting on my couch in Muscat (depending on where I am at that moment). The date is 1st August 2014 and I’ve just logged into my account and I click the “My Commissions” tab and scroll over to the date period of 1st July 2014 to 31st July 2014 and as I am waiting for getting the screen refreshed, I see that I earned $20,500 in the month of July. I refresh the screen again to refresh if the earning was the grand total of the income or if it is just for July 2014 and I realize it was no mistake but a fact that I nailed it. I break down tears as I see it and lay my head on the table thinking about everything I did in the last 90 days. I never thought if it was possible. I log on to and see the amount of money I accumulated over the last 90 days. I take a screenshot of the eWallet and my commissions tab and put an income disclosure link on it and share the screenshot on facebook preparing to empower more lives. Now just to reward myself I’m going to MGM Costa and order a medium hot chocolate and going through the moments I had spent my time in there using their WiFi to reach my first income goal.

See, this is how you get clear of your Why. You need to have the clearest image of you achieving your goal. You have to feel and be in that moment in such a way you are able to smell it, taste it and be in that moment.

That level of clarity will solidify your will to push through whatever challenges may come your way. You will then know what to work towards.

This is just the tip of a world of information in the 15K formula. You can join my team and get your hands on the 15K Formula and take advantage of my bonuses.

Until next time folks,

Brian Babu
“Your Success Engineer”

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