The 3 Cs of Internet Marketing

Here is some golden nuggets for ya’ll. I am going to be explaining you the 3Cs of Internet Marketing

While I was telling others about my blog posts and sharing value on Social media, I saw people doing the same old crap I used to do back in, 2009 when I got started online.

This going to be long folks. This is my story on how I got started online and why or if you just wanna know the 3 Cs, scroll down.

Here is the reason why I even got started. During my 1st year in engineering I used to wonder what my life is going to be after engineering.

Usually people have this thought towards the end of the college years. ( so does that make me a genius?? Don’t know :P)

My Dad used to work as an HR manager and I have seen a lot of Computer science Engineer’s CVs and based on that, the only possible conclusion I could come to, is that after 4-years I would be working for someone and relying on paychecks.

Deep down inside, I just couldn’t accept it. I felt it offensive to work for someone to make a living.

If human brains had two columns as good and bad, I would put ‘working for someone’ as bad, that’s how my thinking process was.

It was in 2009 while I was in computer lab I first searched for “Making Money Online”

…and I fell into this pit hole of utter BS.

I was introduced to Paid to clicks, Paid to Read etc and other Paid-to stuff which is both time consuming, and frustratingly slow to profit from.

Honestly my earnings in that stuff was $80 in 6 months i.e $13 per month.

Well, after a while I got fed up with this thing and I came to a conclusion that “Its not possible to make money online.”

I literally never searched for how to make money online, but during the time I searched I learned PHP programming language through a demo PTC Script.

I used to be a geek in computers, even today.

Overtime I got good an coding and life went on heading towards to “working for someone”.

I graduated in 2012 and landed on job. It felt like eating plates and plates of shit every day from clients my boss.

Everyday used to be a f***ing Monday to me. I left that job and I was back to square one because it wasn’t worth my time.

I was in room, thinking about college and one day it hit me. I hate to work for someone then why am I trying hard to work for someone.

At this time, we were financially at bad place (even after winning a 40,000 OMR raffle draw)

I had to do something about it. Life got so frustrated and tiring.

I searched online for “Financial Freedom” that was when Robert Kiyosaki smiled at me the with his best-selling book “Rich Dad, Poor Dad”

I never used to be an avid reader at all but I found that book so intriguing that I didn’t even know that I missed my lunch and evening coffee, because I was realy concentrated into that book and just the way we were in financial trouble.

I set out to find a job so I can implement what I learned from that book but I was in November when Oman came up with a new rule which hit me right at my balls.

The Oman government banned visas for all expats for 6 months. It was the most insane moments of my life.

So there was no chance for me to get a job in Oman and I personally don’t like to work in India (Yes, I’m an Indian, I swear. See my picture on the sidebar. I have a big nose, that’s pretty Indian LOL)

Hence I searched for opportunities to make money online and I came across a mentor from whom I learned a whole lot about internet marketing.

He began with…

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How To Come Up With Some Killer Call To Action Buttons

I think Call To Actions are pretty important because that’s what drives people to take action on the piece of content you have put out there.

If you joined any biz op out there, or if you are promoting an affiliate product (like I do) and if you are not being successful….

When I say successful, I mean, if your conversion rate is too low or none, then the fastest way to increase your conversion rate is to use call-to-action buttons effectively.

It applies to all steps of marketing, whether it be for capturing leads or getting sales.

The following are the 4 tips I employ to increase my conversion rates

You can use it too. 😉

#1 – Standout using contrast colors

Your website must have the same basic color scheme on all pages, posts, sidebars etc.

That’s Web Designing 101. Don’t sweat it you can get some nice designs for your blog for very cheap and if you were to join my team I’ll give you couple of my own customizable themes too.

Speaking of Call-to-Actions, your CTAs will break the color scheme of your site.

It should, because human eye is attracted instantly to a contrast color the very instance its visible.

Ever tried to ignore a red color on the traffic lights while driving? No matter where you are looking (unless backwards) you will definitely notice the red color.

Similarly, your CTAs will stand out giving you a strong command of their attention. Use it wisely.

#2 – Bigger is better

Your call-to-action button should be larger than the rest of the text on the page. But hey, don’t get too carried away though, there is a limit.

Its must be bigger than the other text and presentable to readers.

The best way to understand that is through trial and error because that’s how you determine the taste of your readers.

How do you get readers right at the start of your blog? Two Words.

Social Media.

I’ll link a post over here to another post in which I’ll go over how to do it.

Be sure to bookmark this page right away.

#3 – Be Transparent

Now that we have your reader’s attention, you need to give as many information as possible in a precisely.

Let me explain.

Let them know what they are going to get and what will not be taken from them.

Your potential customers must reassured that the risk is minimal. For example, telling them that their email ids won’t be shared or the signing up does not require a credit card will lift a burden off their shoulders.

Now they will be more likely to perform the action you want them to take.

#4 – Put yourself in your reader’s shoes

Writing appealing content for your button is as important as all the tips covered above.

I have seen people use a second person kind of approach to their call to action statements, but I find it a little less converting.

Hey you are anyways going to spend some time to think and use your creative juices to come up a title so why don’t think a little harder to get high conversion rates?


Write statements that appeal to your reader at a personal level.

For example: I want to sign up for my 30 day free trial OR Yes, I want to register.

In these statements you are talking your reader’s mind and you subconsciously allow the potential client to visualize himself or herself already making the decision you want them to make.

Make Sense?

Also do understand this, your call-to-action is not simply what you would like your potential customers to do for you.

It should tell them what you want them to do specifically, precisely and directly.

You want to use your call to actions in your blog posts because thats how you build your relationships and get sales.

Checkout how to create a call to action button in powerpoint? It really simple!


How to set a crystal clear “why” for your business

In many of my previous posts, I had mentioned the importance of having clarity of what you want to achieve to make money online, especially in the 4 pitfalls to avoid while blogging to make money online.

In this post, I wanna show you how to get clear of it.

Its not just that you go ahead and write down, “I want this. I want that “like a kid in a candy shop

There are some specific questions you need to quiz yourself and its imperative that you think about these questions long and hard and come to a rock solid answer.

This income goal setting process is set for a period of 90 days.

Why…90 days? 90 days is a decent time period for getting Google to recognize your post and to build your credibility.

I am going to right the answer from my perspective so you can model that answer the questions accordingly.

Make sure that you choose your offer prior to going through with this exercise.

Just a word of advice, never ever choose your offer based on it’s reselling proposition or just for the business opportunity in it. Always choose a product by researching the company’s product line because that’s what solves your customer’s needs not the biz op.

I am an Empower Network affiliate and I know the quality of the products as I own them and my work ethic so based on that I will be writing down my goals.

Lot of ands…I kmow.

Let’s get on with it.

Question #1: What is the income goal you want to achieve in the next 90 days?

I want to hit $20,000 per month in 90 days.

Question #2: Why do you want that income amount? What purpose will it serve in your life? What is a reason to drive you to accomplish that income goal?

I want that income amount to migrate to Australia and have a better lifestyle. That amount will enable me to start my dream technology based business. I have been looked up on as an under achiever by many. Due to the ways I was bought up, being perceived as an under achiever took a toll on my lack of self-confidence. $20,000 is just the beginning for me to show all those naysayers the big old middle finger and my dream business just solidifies my legacy. The very thought of me standing tall and letting nobodies opinion of me becoming my reality empowers me and gives me the drive to crush it.

Question #3: What evidence is there going to be in your life to show that you have accomplished your outcome?

I would be able to migrate to Australia, live healthy and feel healthy. No more worries of lack of money. Peace of mind. No more waiting for monthly paycheck. No more bosses to suck up to. I will be able to fully focus my mind building my dream business where my passion lies and use that technology to contribute to the betterment of my team.

Question #4: What reward are you going to create for yourself when you reach your outcome? Every time you hit a goal, celebrate.

I have always dreamed on buying a celebration drink from the mall and pop open that bottle and share that moment with my parents.

Question #5: Where are you when you see the evidence that you have achieved your outcome?

It depends if I am going to be in Oman, I’ll be at my room and if I’m in India (like right now), I would be at my aunt’s place.

Question #6: Write out your outcome statement in present tense, in first person and using all of your senses.

I, Brian Babu, am sitting on my couch in Muscat (depending on where I am at that moment). The date is 1st August 2014 and I’ve just logged into my account and I click the “My Commissions” tab and scroll over to the date period of 1st July 2014 to 31st July 2014 and as I am waiting for getting the screen refreshed, I see that I earned $20,500 in the month of July. I refresh the screen again to refresh if the earning was the grand total of the income or if it is just for July 2014 and I realize it was no mistake but a fact that I nailed it. I break down tears as I see it and lay my head on the table thinking about everything I did in the last 90 days. I never thought if it was possible. I log on to and see the amount of money I accumulated over the last 90 days. I take a screenshot of the eWallet and my commissions tab and put an income disclosure link on it and share the screenshot on facebook preparing to empower more lives. Now just to reward myself I’m going to MGM Costa and order a medium hot chocolate and going through the moments I had spent my time in there using their WiFi to reach my first income goal.

See, this is how you get clear of your Why. You need to have the clearest image of you achieving your goal. You have to feel and be in that moment in such a way you are able to smell it, taste it and be in that moment.

That level of clarity will solidify your will to push through whatever challenges may come your way. You will then know what to work towards.

This is just the tip of a world of information in the 15K formula. You can join my team and get your hands on the 15K Formula and take advantage of my bonuses.

Until next time folks,

Brian Babu
“Your Success Engineer”

Why Blogging Is Crucial For Your Success Online

Affiliate marketing, network marketing, direct sales or maybe you have a traditional offline business.

Regardless of what industry and niche you are in, having a blog can tremendously bring you results like clockwork on the long run.

People often neglect having a blog on their site because of the lack of instant gratification of results at the beginning stage of a blog.

It’s a long term strategy to success. Imagine making money from a blog post or a video you put online years back.

That thought alone can help you realize that the short-term effort you put to your business is getting you paid for the years to come even if it doesn’t show much reflection on your tracking number initially.

That’s just the way it is.

Kinda like fitness. Lifting weight for one day will not get you in shape. On the long run, you will become.

There is an unbelievable percentage of people out there who thinks blogging is just a waste of time and blogging is not for businesses and its something you do for fun.

I would strongly disagree to that because the whole World Wide Web is built on content from multiple blogs.

Deferring from that fact, I believe is blogging is the best way to even start a revolution and to sound your opinion to people across the globe.

(Am I sounding somewhat like a techno politician? Haha…)

Now I wanna go over the blogging mindset

Mindset of Blogging

Truth be told, blogging is not a GET RICH QUICK method of marketing. It requires three things

  • Consistency
  • Good Compelling Content
  • User Engagement by driving traffic

These core steps are essential to take advantage of a blog.

Quantity is of least importance here. Quality is what you have to work on.

The more quality of the content, the more engagement on your blog leading to subscribers and customers.

Sometimes my posts go way over the board to 1000+ words, but it depends, if you like to convey something in detail, you can shoot for it.

…but a word of caution, consistent lengthy blogging can suck up your time so manage it wisely.

That’s the mindset of blogging in a nutshell.

Significance of Blogging

Blogging is simply the easiest way to get started to building your credibility as a marketer.

A blog with helpful information can transform you into an expert that people look upto over time because of the content you have on your blog.

People get instantly attracted to anyone who is boldly and confidently giving them useful information.

Sure, in the beginning, blogging might look like a waste of time, I know I used to feel it once but overtime as people read my post, it was like people knows that I know what I know.

A lot of I knows, right…??

When you blog there is miraculous thing happening to you and for your end user.

You will learn what you are blogging about and express it in your own words for the world to see.

As times goes on and you pile up content upon content upon contents and so on…you unconsciously become a leader in that niche, because of the user engagement and traffic you drove to the site.

The visitor who reads your blog post will feel an invisible connection with you, because you are simply expressing what you learned to a group of people who are hungry for the information you share.

This is the just a lead generation aspect of it.

Blogging and shooting videos consistently can actually help you become a better public speaker because when you write you are writing you improving your usage of words and when you make videos you are tapping in to the nervous system that functions while you speak in public.

It kinda like a one-stop solution to auto-pilot, relationship building, improving vocabulary and public-speaking training over time.

If you look closely into these qualities, aren’t these the qualities you see in a person who is a leader in his niche; aren’t these the qualities you would have wished you had while you saw someone having these qualities?

Believe me, it absolutely magical to have all these abilities in you and at the same time helping people to make money online is like icing on the cake.


Blogging consistently can help you transform yourself as well as impact other people’s lives effectively and the key is to create good compelling content and ofcourse, Tell others…

So guys, I would love to know your feedback on this article, let me know in the comments below.

Until next time,

Brian Babu
Your Success Coach

4 Pitfalls To Avoid While Blogging to Make Money Online

Often times I have seen many people start blogging to make money online but end up getting burned out and give up on the very step their business is built around.

Creating Content.

I have heard people spending a great deal of their time to blogging and substantially less amount of time building relationships.

Most new marketers who are exposed to a lot of information try to figure this out by themselves and try to outsmart somebody who has all the knowledge and information required to execute.

Not many newbies understand fully how to approach their business.

Some of them concentrate on non-income producing activities so much that little to no importance is given to income producing activities and hence the “flake-out”.

Blogging has become easy especially with the sophisticated tools we have right now on the web almost any person can create content.

But…only a fraction of those people who create content are succeeding..

..there are many reasons why it did work for some and why it didn’t work for a few..

I thought of writing the pitfalls you need to look out for while blogging to make money online and If you are in my team or in some other leader’s team trying to build your business and struggling to make any income at all, this article is for you.

…and here we go…

4 Pitfalls To Avoid While Blogging to Make Money Online

Blogging Pitfall #1 : Not having a strong “Why”

Everyone wants more money and that’s true if you ask any sane person out there.

Money doesn’t buy happiness. Sure but it does become the cause to happiness. It sure does become a medium to help you have a better healthy lifestyle.

A lot of ‘em who get into network marketing niche or make money online niche don’t have a goal set.

They do not have a vision to what they are working on.

Its like pointing a gun straight and having no target to shoot.

Unless you get clear on what you want with the money you earn, you can’t focus.

Remember its not about having a magic figure as goal, it goes beyond that. You need to know what would that “magic number” enable you to do in your life.

There are 2 rules that MUST be followed at all times within your business.

  1. Set a clear intention for your outcome even if the “how to” for reaching that outcome isn’t completely clear.
  2. Take action before you even know what you are doing.

I know this one would crack the #1 in the list of pitfalls because I came across this pitfall when I joined Empower Network initially.

I didn’t have a clear outcome set. I didn’t what to shoot for and hence my lack of clarity made my business suffer.

In a later post, I’ll show ya how to set a clear outcome.

…and over to…

Blogging Pitfall #2 : Spending too much time on blogging

This is a bummer. Trust me. When I got started online, spending to much time on creating content used to be a serious pitfall for me after not-setting-a-clear-outcome.

There are different steps/activities you need to do inorder to make money online or to build your business.

It includes activities like blogging, sharing your content and doing something live to build relationship.

All these three steps work hand in hand and all are equally important.

Spending too much time on blogging is really serious issue.

Some people say I have a 9-to-5 full time job and I don’t have time to blog or create content.

Seriously though, if you focus you can get your value-drive content out there every day in just 1 hour.

If you don’t even have atleast 1 hour to invest into your business for building it part-time, then I don’t think making money online is for you.

Yup, am being straight up honest with you. You gotta spend sometime but do not overkill it.

I have seen people take 2 to 3 hours to create content and all they do is adjust the font-colors and stuff which doesn’t really matter at all to your marketing.

Some believe that posting unlimited content out there can bring them conversions and that is just baloney…

Blogging is just one side of a triangle. All what a blog does in short is, to

  • Give you an authority figure
  • Conversation starter to build relationships
  • Lead Generation
  • Attraction Marketing

This is just a tip of the iceberg.

I usually shoot for my blog posts for an hour. Within 1 hour, I make sure I have covered everything because if you spend too much time you will lose the enthusiasm to blog daily and as a result…

You do not generate leads and hence no sales.

That’s one sucky road. I agree.

You wanna build your business fast, then avoid the next pitfall…

Blogging Pitfall #3 : Not marketing your content

A Blog is essentially a website with ability to add latest content which provides value.

Its just a digital real estate, with your blog posts, video, infographics etc.

The only thing a brand new digital real estate a.k.a your website misses is the life of blood of your business, traffic.

I can take multiple examples to illustrate this for you.

Just like a human body without blood (yeah, I know its a little cannibalistic…LOL) or a V12 engine with no fuel in it, it cannot function properly.

You might have the best responsive fast loading SEO blog with great content avoiding pitfall #2, creating content in short time but its just no good if there is no one seeing your content.

New marketers are often hit by a false-belief that if you post content daily, traffic will just come.

ITS NOT TRUE!! It does happen but new blogs have to earn that kinda search traffic.

Its your responsibility to drive traffic to your piece of content after publishing it on the web.

Your blogs need to have eyeballs stuck to it and if you want Google to drive traffic to you, you need to gain some people’s interest with your on-page SEO rich content.

As mentioned in the previous pitfall, you do not want to overdo this either. There is a fine line between sharing and being spammy (if that’s even a word).

Post your content to in places where people of your target market resides.

For example, you do not want to post your internet marketing blog post, in facebook groups with people talking about puppies all day.

They are just not interested in your ….ish, if you know what I mean. 😛

If you have a blog about puppies, you can get that content in this facebook group.

On the other hand if you were to share your content to facebook groups where people are looking for opportunities or ways to make money online, that is your target audience.

Make sense? Awesome!

Ever wondered why some people just don’t leave a comment on optin to your list?

….and that takes us to pitfall #4

Blogging Pitfall #4 : Absence of call to action in your blog posts

When writing your lead-sucking, value-driven badass blog post, you need to imagine that your reader is the world’s most dumbest person, that unless you tell him to do something he/she wont to do it, even though its understandable such an action is required from their side.

It’s a little mean, but it’s the truth.

In my defense,

The Truth shall set you free, but at first it will piss you off – Tony Robbins.

Lets say you have avoided all the pitfalls and while tracking using Google Analytics, your website is active but your sales are just not so impressive at all.

People are literally taking the value you provide to the marketplace and you are not getting much leads, guess what you are missing, a small piece in the puzzle that could make all the difference to your game.

Its called Call to Action (CTA).

Absence of this badass element in your blogging can hurt your business severely. Absence of a CTA is the barrier that virtually stops your visitors from being your lead and perhaps becoming your customer.

If you’re not optimizing your blog with offers and calls-to-action, you’re missing out on a tremendously powerful business opportunity to generate leads, thus diminishing the value of your blog’s ROI (return on investment).

Your blog visitor could be at different points in the sales process. Your visitor could be first-time visitor, a sales-ready lead etc.

Your Call to action has to be prepared in such a way that it resonates with people at multiple points of the sales process and ofcourse your CTA must lead your visitor to a capture page.

So next time, make sure you do have a strong CTA to capture leads.

Bonus Blogging Pitfall: Sales Letters…BOOORING

[shawn michaels images saying boooooooring!!]

Here is a bonus tip for you. Avoid writing sales letters in your blog post.

When I see blog posts with too much of pitching in it, I just doze off or else I just go to facebook.

Why? Sales letters are just so boring.

Take the world’s top trafficked sites on Alexa.

  1. Google
  2. YouTube
  3. Facebook
  4. Yahoo! (I don’t know how or why, but they are hanging in there.)

As you can see folks, these sites get a huge amount of traffic because they have helpful information, the visitors are entertained, visitors are able to socialize and connect with other people.

This exactly what people expect from your blog. Well, you might or may not be able to hit all the check marks, but its worthwhile to know people are not their to read your blog post to see your sales presentation or read sales letters.

So get rid of sales letter blog posts and give useful content with the entertaining information just project your personality, your quirks and stay unique.

This is what will help you succeed in this business.


Alright guys, I had literally had a nice time writing this article for you. I guess I spent 5 mins extra in my 1hr blogging strategy cuz of the bonus tip. 😉

If this article has helped you and has been informative, kindly like and share my blog post.

What are the pitfalls you have come across or you feel you are going through while building your business, feel free to chime-in in the comments below.

Until next time yo,

Brian Babu
Your Empower Success Coach