How to capture leads and sales using Instagram

It has been increasingly clear that photos grab a customer’s attention instantly.

So it makes perfect sense to use a platform like Instagram for marketing your
products by crafting really attractive posts.

Posting on Instagram is not just about clicking a photo, slapping a fliter and hitting publish.

If you wanna really make an impact with your photos, you need craft it to your purpose and intent

Right now, I’ll show you can achieve just that. I’ll show you exactly how you can use Instagram to your advantage to increase leads and conversions

1. Create Images to Grab Attention

This is a no-brainer because as humans we are instantly attracted to things that are pleasing to the eye.

You see a lambo on the road, you would stare at it, won’t ya? well unless you are super-rich freak… (you’re minority…just kidding)

So if you’re posting a photo on Instagram, make sure that you take a photo at an angle that bests shows off that image. Think of it like your product is a model, that you want to take photos off for marketing your product line.

Find that interesting angle.

You could either choose to show the entire image or maybe just a portion of image or else, you accompany your major product with other products which could represented as an accessory to the product, like a Laptop, with a bag, mouse and headset.

That later approach appeals more to the user creating the illusion in the user’s mind that all of these are packaged as one, which sparks a conversation brewing via comments.

The approach you want to go forward with while marketing on Instagram is entirely your choice. I would suggest you to experiment with a few photos and with different styles and see which gets more traction and then stick with it.

Focus on Lighting

Proper lighting for your product is key for it to grab attention in a photo on Instagram. When it comes to marketing on Instagram you one shot to grab a user’s attention with photos. Proper lighting can accentuate the way a product is presented in the image and standout from all the clutter that runs through a user’s image feed.

There is nothing that can fix or tweak poor lighting other than photoshop. On Instagram there is only so much you can use with filters and image editing features but to seriously stay head and shoulders above the competition, proper lighting is key.

Make use of Instagram Filters

Instagram sets up the mood for the photos you snap and upload. The founders of Instagram found that they stood different compared to any other photo-sharing app out there when they launched. It makes perfect sense to use their Unique Selling Proposition to your advantage by using those filters and convey a different visual message to your audience.

2. Use Captions to Tell a Story

Captions are a great way to convey the story of a brand. People love to hear stories. When we were kids we like to hear stories from our parents and grand-parents. Not much has changed over the years when you grow up.

We love stand-up comedy and all what they do, is tell a story with humor element in it. Use Captions to tell a story that showcases your brand in a unique way.

3. Add Relevant Product Hashtags

Hashtags are something that made popular by Twitter and gained wide acceptance across various social media because of its ability to get an information outside of a specific social circle. Adding relevant hashtags to your Instagram posts can help you gain more traction to your photos. Use popular hashtags if they apply to your photo or your brand.

I have seen alot of people overkill their photo captions with hashtag after hashtags just exposes that you are so desperate for attention. The best process to follow for an Instagram post is to put three to five best relevant hashtags.

4. Tell People What You Want Them to Do (Call to Action)

Call to action is something that a marketers must use without having it specified for any kind of marketing anywhere. The reason you market is to get people to take a specific action. You don’t your audience to go, “Wow, that a really great offer. Now what do i do? Meh….I’ll just scroll down”.

Use CTAs folks. Tell them exactly what you want them to do and they’ll do if they find your product something that they can benefit from. Your CTA can be very concise and short like “Grab the offer” or “Download our app” or “Get Yours Today”, whatever is applicable to your Instagram Post.

Add CTAs in your caption and as well as on the post. Although, CTAs on posts gets more conversion.

5. Team Up With Influencers

Influencers are the ones who already have a loyal fan following and are trusted for their honest opinions about what products to purchase. Working with people who already have a large audience who they have a relationship with can instantly increase your reputation as the audience will trust the source of info and at the same time, it can increase your leads & conversions and your fan following on Instagram.

Some more Instagram marketing tips

Now that you have got the specifics on How to capture leads and sales using Instagram, here are some more instagram marketing tips you can use to really scale up your content creation efforts.

Creating impactful content is one thing, but really engaging with a user’s response works a long when it comes to building brand relationships with the audience. People love getting responses from a brand, it makes them feel important unconsciously. Generally it feels good.

Have a content strategy. Determine a routine for publishing your content. Find out what works for you. You want to publish content on instagram either daily, weekly or whatever works best for you. Have milestones setup in your marketing plan to reach X number of followers or to get X amount of likes and user engagement etc.

With all the traction you receive it makes perfect sense to determine which content gained more traction from the users. Which filter worked better for your brand etc. Those are some hints for your remove the guess work from your marketing and this keeps evolving as your grow your brand on Instagram.

Using these Instagram marketing tips, you can be sure to build your brand, generate leads and conversions and exponentially increase your brand reach and reputation. These are the simple tips that famous brands like Nike, Reebok, Adidas etc use to market their products on Instagram. They had been in this game for a longer time than you probably, but its never too late. There is always room for more.

Are you using Instagram for selling your products/services? Do you use any of these tactics with your account? Please share your thoughts about this post in the comments below.

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