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How to convert leads when you just start out

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A commonly mistaken notion in this industry is that you have to fake it to make it. Some of them think they can’t really become successful because they do not the results they are looking for.

A majority of people tend to believe that their results depends on their sponsor’s success. This is just shear BS.

Even if you have a rockstar sponsor who makes a million dollars, there is no absolute guarantee one can determine his/her success.

Every effort you put in your business is counted. If your looking forward to just put the money and then sit back and relax, you ain’t no entrepreneur material.

Guys like me, works our asses of day-in and day-out and rise above all the naysayers to make it happen for them.

So, how to convert leads when you just start out and you don’t have any results to show your excitement…

Simple, but not easy!

People are looking for leaders. Personally i would kill to join a really good leader who can help you build your business.

Leaders are not created by their income proofs or testimonials. They are made by the knowledge they impart to the marketplace.

Impressing people with fake photographs is not an ethical way to build your business.

Your customers won’t stay with you for very long if you operate your business in that manner because after they join you, they would soon understand that you weren’t the right person to join which is negative mark on your reputation as a marketer.

The value you provide to the marketplace is what makes you a leader.

When you give away your knowledge in the marketplace as blog posts, videos, images etc, people would naturally perceive you as a leader and build that trust.

That trust will enable them to make a decision to work with you.

Trust is not something that you build overnight, its always earned.

You need more than just a startup capital to become successful in an internet marketing business. You need to share your knowledge and attract your prospects, with your knowledge.

Hope this article has benefited you.


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