How To Come Up With Some Killer Call To Action Buttons

I think Call To Actions are pretty important because that’s what drives people to take action on the piece of content you have put out there.

If you joined any biz op out there, or if you are promoting an affiliate product (like I do) and if you are not being successful….

When I say successful, I mean, if your conversion rate is too low or none, then the fastest way to increase your conversion rate is to use call-to-action buttons effectively.

It applies to all steps of marketing, whether it be for capturing leads or getting sales.

The following are the 4 tips I employ to increase my conversion rates

You can use it too. 😉

#1 – Standout using contrast colors

Your website must have the same basic color scheme on all pages, posts, sidebars etc.

That’s Web Designing 101. Don’t sweat it you can get some nice designs for your blog for very cheap and if you were to join my team I’ll give you couple of my own customizable themes too.

Speaking of Call-to-Actions, your CTAs will break the color scheme of your site.

It should, because human eye is attracted instantly to a contrast color the very instance its visible.

Ever tried to ignore a red color on the traffic lights while driving? No matter where you are looking (unless backwards) you will definitely notice the red color.

Similarly, your CTAs will stand out giving you a strong command of their attention. Use it wisely.

#2 – Bigger is better

Your call-to-action button should be larger than the rest of the text on the page. But hey, don’t get too carried away though, there is a limit.

Its must be bigger than the other text and presentable to readers.

The best way to understand that is through trial and error because that’s how you determine the taste of your readers.

How do you get readers right at the start of your blog? Two Words.

Social Media.

I’ll link a post over here to another post in which I’ll go over how to do it.

Be sure to bookmark this page right away.

#3 – Be Transparent

Now that we have your reader’s attention, you need to give as many information as possible in a precisely.

Let me explain.

Let them know what they are going to get and what will not be taken from them.

Your potential customers must reassured that the risk is minimal. For example, telling them that their email ids won’t be shared or the signing up does not require a credit card will lift a burden off their shoulders.

Now they will be more likely to perform the action you want them to take.

#4 – Put yourself in your reader’s shoes

Writing appealing content for your button is as important as all the tips covered above.

I have seen people use a second person kind of approach to their call to action statements, but I find it a little less converting.

Hey you are anyways going to spend some time to think and use your creative juices to come up a title so why don’t think a little harder to get high conversion rates?


Write statements that appeal to your reader at a personal level.

For example: I want to sign up for my 30 day free trial OR Yes, I want to register.

In these statements you are talking your reader’s mind and you subconsciously allow the potential client to visualize himself or herself already making the decision you want them to make.

Make Sense?

Also do understand this, your call-to-action is not simply what you would like your potential customers to do for you.

It should tell them what you want them to do specifically, precisely and directly.

You want to use your call to actions in your blog posts because thats how you build your relationships and get sales.

Checkout how to create a call to action button in powerpoint? It really simple!


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