How To Choose A Niche To Make Money Online Blogging

We all have heard from different marketers online that you need to blog to make money online.

Deliver value to the marketplace to generate leads and stuff like that..

Even though they preach all this, most people have no clue what to blog about.

On what topic do you write a piece of content to generate leads.

Back in school, if we were asked to write an article or an essay we would be given a topic to brainstorm and write on.

In the blogging arena thats not the case, you have a plethora of ideas and niches to choose from which makes it really overwhelming for any newbie marketer to succeed online.

So how do we solve this problem? How do we choose a profitable niche to make money online?

Do you just start writing and hope someone notices you or do you research your niche and find an angle to make your content look irresistible?

I have tried both the approaches in the past and made my fair share of mistakes myself and judging from that I would research a profitable niche and get bizzy creating content to rank for a selected keyword.

Its nearly impossible to determine whether people would actually read and like your content before you even create it, but a keyword research definitely helps.

You can see how many people are actually searching for your topic in the search engines, and you can use it to compare different topics to each other and understand their popularity.

So what i would like to do here is to help you choose your niche by the time you finish reading this post.

I want to walk you through this process so you don't have to sweat it.

1. Choosing a Niche : Prepare a List of Interests

It makes perfect sense in writing down a list of niches you are absolutely interested in.

There is no point in ignoring this step because you will be talking about your niche, writing about it and even thinking about it most of the time.

So if you are going to be talking, writing and thinking about your niche then you would better choose something that you are interested in or good at, rather than selecting a niche that you have no interest or knowledge on.

Many blogs loose their content generation momentum because they chose a niche which they were not personally interested or driven to research inorder to deliver value in their blog.

If you are going to select a niche based on the highest number of searched terms, then i hate to break this news to you, you are probably going to be sitting ducks and giving content without any ROI for a long, long, long loooong time...

So prepare your list of interests and we'll have a close look at it.

For the sake example, i'm going to prepare a list of interests of my own and analyse it.

Here are some of my interests that I would consider starting a blog on.

  • Web Designing, Development
  • Internet Marketing
  • Fitness Workouts
  • Technology

Niche selection is something thats applicable to any form of digital property online.

The digital property could be a blog, a shopping cart, your YouTube video etc.

I know I chose to write my blog on the Internet Marketing niche.

For sake of example, lets take Fitness Workouts.

The reason i chose Fitness Workouts niche, even though its highly competitive, is that I'm really interested in exploring new information on that topic.

Besides from interest, I recently ranked my spreadshirt store on Google for a keyword related to this niche.

So you are currently reading an actual case study rather than just a blunt theory on choosing niche and keyword research.

Now if i were to write a blog post or setup a shopping cart for myself I know what to lookout for.

2. Choosing a Niche : Track the Search Volume to Find Your Niche Keyword(s)

Now that you have your niche selected, its time to pick up some search data on those keywords.

I would pull out those data from Google AdWords - Keyword Planner.

Below given are the search results for it.

Choosing your niche

Now as you can see these keywords are highly competitive and it doesn't make any sense to try and rank for them because you won't get faster ROI with that.

Here on FastlaneMLM, am all about getting money fast, it doesn't matter whether you go for the paid marketing route or organic marketing route, but the results i look for is to get an ROI asap.

Besides, who wants to spend days and nights babysitting their business to grow, right?

So as I glanced through these keyword ideas generated by Google AdWords, I remembered the time when i did the Insanity Workout, by Team BeachBody

So as I glanced through these keyword ideas generated by Google AdWords, I remembered the time when i did the Shaun T’s 60-day Insanity Workout and the Insanity Workout Reward T-shirt that the producers of the workout, TeamBeachBody freely gave away for those folks who sent their before and after workout pictures to them.

Hmm…that’s interesting.

You can’t buy that shirt from the producers either.

So I just did a search for the keyword “Buy Insanity Workout Reward T-shirt” just to check if I have any buyers for the insanity t-shirt

Hint: Always go for a long-tail keyword. Its always a winner in almost all niches.

To my amazement, the volume of searches for those keywords was impressively low which is good.

Even if you have very few traffic, you can still be able to get ranked on Google and make a sale without paid advertising.

Now that I got my keyword to rank for, the next step is to create content to rank for it..

3. Choosing a Niche : Get busy creating useful content

In most cases if you try to rank something online via a shopping cart, you would probably not get on top of Google because the content is very limited.

Recently via Google Panda 4.0 update eBay got kicked from search listings because of this reason, but if you have a very low competition its easy to get ranked on Google using a Shopping cart.

I would suggest you to create content on a blog rather than a shopping cart, if you have fairly good competition.

So now that you have your target keyword.

Start creating content including those keywords.

Implement proper on-page SEO for maximum results.

Wrapping Up!

Folks, Its NOT a hard feat to make money online.

Choose a niche.

Choose the right keyword and create content to get ranked on Google.

Its that easy.

Make sure you check the video on top.

Its actually a video proof showing what i shared with you in this post actually does work.

Care to see a screenshot? 😉

choosing a niche

At $0 budget on paid traffic and 100% Google credit for delivering value and common sense SEO.

choosing a niche to get ranked on google

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Feel free to post your questions and suggestions as comments, i would be happy to reply to you.

So i hope after reading this post, even if "you have 99 problems, choosing a profitable niche ain't one ...wink wink"


Brian Babu

P.S This is just nothing compared to what i have in store for you inside, which by the way is accessible for free. Wanna know more about how to do this kinda stuff? Click on this link right NOW!!


3 blogging misconceptions people have while blogging to make money online

Blogging is a double-edged sword for attracting leads to you and you have to do it in a certain way to be more compelling to turn your visitors into leads.

It’s not by doing a lot of things, but by doing things in a certain way what makes you successful.

Today am going to discuss with you, the 3 myths or misconceptions that most people have about blogging.

Like I said, blogging is a double-edged sword, if you don’t use it wisely you will get hurt and if you use it well, it could help you take-off your business rapidly.

Now lets checkout the 4 myths, shall we?

Blogging Myth #1: Quantity over quality

Focusing on content quantity over quality sometimes is just overkill for most users.

When you write a blog post, I suggest you concentrate every bit of your creativity in providing quality.

Quality is what engages people, quantity just shows Google that you have lot of content to share.

Ever seen some website which doesn’t have any content on it but still ranks for some keywords? This happens when the site has high social ranking, meaning people love the content shared and that would become a factor for Google to rank them.

Bonus Tip: Get your site engaged on Google+ 😉 Helps with your Google ranking

Using videos, images and other educational elements in your blog post could actually boost the quality of your post their by gaining your user’s interest.

blogging tip: user engagement map to keep in mind while bloggingThink of every blog post you write as a sheet of paper with a faded background like in the image.

The beginning of the post is what most of your readers actually read. If you have a great start, its more likely people would be interested to read on.

This would be the best place to put a YouTube video of the post so your visitors can watch and understand what to expect from your blog post before going through the entire post.

Don’t make a lengthy video, as it would be overkill. Whatever you do, always focus on providing value. Readers LOVE it.

Refrain from writing sales letter. A blog post is not a place for it and besides its boring. You don't want people to doze off.

If you have to describe something or tell a related story, go ahead but keep it interesting.

Finally, I would say an Ideal post could have 500 to 1500 words and anything beyond that should probably become an eBook.

Lets get over the next myth…

Blogging Myth #2 : Post your content, traffic will come

Blogging tip: Use Social media to drive traffic

Oh, this is a classic.

I chuckle when people tell me, that traffic will come from Google automatically and all you have to do is be persistent with blogging and create value-packed content.

I’ll be like yeah, yeah right. Good luck hanging in there until the Search Engine giant gives you some credit.

This statement is true, if this was 2004 or 2005, when blogging was something that was just coming around.

Things have changed a lot during the past 10 years. Google now has a whole new level of ranking algorithms.

They have sent pandas and penguins to fight the spammers and people who find out short-cuts in their blogging.

This is 2014, search engines have become smarter and better. You do not wanna fake your presence or find a shortcut to rank…

….and if you do your site may not last long on the search engine

…maybe one day you’ll find your site go KABOOM!!

You do not want that to happen, do you?

How to do you get ranked on Google Fast? It’s easy.

  • Stop looking for shortcuts and be true to yourself.
  • Roll-up your sleeves and deliver value through your blog posts (like i do :D)
  • Syndicate your content with social media, meaning, get as many eyeballs as you possibly can.
  • Get leads and offer value, then, convert for sales

Social media is where your success lies. Well not just social media, anywhere and everywhere where people are engaged. (lots of wheres?? Ummm..)

But you get the point.

Most people write 5 to 10 blog posts per day, I don’t even know how they do it but if you look at there conversions its pretty darn low….

And that’s because they don’t syndicate their content with social media..

Even if you have 200 to 1000 blog posts, if you don’t have traffic, your conversions remains low.

1 awesome post with tons of traffic is WAAAAY better than 100s of mediocre posts with no traffic.

So go ahead write some badass posts and get crazy bringing traffic.

Bonus Tip: Do not spam on social media. Share your content with people who are interested in your niche

…and next in line of blogging myth is….(drum roll please...)

Blogging Myth #3 : Content is King

This statement is true only to a certain level but in most cases content isn’t king.

You can’t just mish-mash content from everywhere and share that post.

It doesn’t quite work that way.

The relationship you have with your readers is what matters and that rules.

Your content needs to be different and most importantly it must portray YOU. When you write content in that pattern, your readers know who you are at much more personal level.

As a result, you get leads and hopefully get some conversions.

I have seen many bloggers who write content copying others content and marketing them.

Think about it like this.

A blog post is used as a medium to express what you want to tell your readers and if you were to just say what others had to said, how does that make you different?

How does that make you useful to a reader? Make Sense?

So concentrate on building relationship. Let’s say even if you are successful with mish-mashing content from other websites and you get some leads and sales.

You wouldn’t be comfortable working with your customer because he didn’t resonate with your true nature, as your blog posts were an imposter of what other said about the topic.

Blogging tip: Standout from other marketersSO be honest, standout from others. Bring your original s**t and get leads. Following this advice would actually boost your online business like crazy because only those people who are appreciating your way of communication stays with you in your business.

Besides you always wanna think about your business for a long term success not the usually sort-out short term success. It doesn’t last.

Here is why you shouldn’t do that EVER!

  1. Its not natural, people wont be able to have that interpersonal relation with you.
  2. Google could ban your domain, making it even hard for you to get back on Google search results
  3. You don’t standout from other marketers.

The internet can give you automated income, but it requires you to break some sweat in writing content and serving as many people as possible.

Bonus Tip: Do some live hangouts and shoot video that’s guaranteed to shoot your site engagement through the roof. Get comfortable with making YouTube videos. (I’m still getting myself comfortable :P)


Let me just wrap it up here folks.

3 myths about blogging to make money online

  • Blogging Myth #1 : Quantity over quality
    • Focus on Quality
    • Quality engages people
    • No to sales letters
    • Keep it interesting
  • Blogging Myth #2 : Post your content, traffic will come
    • Get eyeballs on your content as soon as you can
    • Your traffic number initially will give you more inspiration
    • Share with people are interested in the niche you are into
    • Do not share your internet marketing blog post with some who is into dog training.
    • 1 High-Quality post is better than 1000s of mediocre posts
  • Blogging Myth #3 : Content is King
    • No, Relationship is King
    • Do not mish-mash your content from other blogs
    • Bring out your real s**t
    • Think about your business for the long-term


The 3 Cs of Internet Marketing

Here is some golden nuggets for ya’ll. I am going to be explaining you the 3Cs of Internet Marketing

While I was telling others about my blog posts and sharing value on Social media, I saw people doing the same old crap I used to do back in, 2009 when I got started online.

This going to be long folks. This is my story on how I got started online and why or if you just wanna know the 3 Cs, scroll down.

Here is the reason why I even got started. During my 1st year in engineering I used to wonder what my life is going to be after engineering.

Usually people have this thought towards the end of the college years. ( so does that make me a genius?? Don’t know :P)

My Dad used to work as an HR manager and I have seen a lot of Computer science Engineer’s CVs and based on that, the only possible conclusion I could come to, is that after 4-years I would be working for someone and relying on paychecks.

Deep down inside, I just couldn’t accept it. I felt it offensive to work for someone to make a living.

If human brains had two columns as good and bad, I would put ‘working for someone’ as bad, that’s how my thinking process was.

It was in 2009 while I was in computer lab I first searched for “Making Money Online”

…and I fell into this pit hole of utter BS.

I was introduced to Paid to clicks, Paid to Read etc and other Paid-to stuff which is both time consuming, and frustratingly slow to profit from.

Honestly my earnings in that stuff was $80 in 6 months i.e $13 per month.

Well, after a while I got fed up with this thing and I came to a conclusion that “Its not possible to make money online.”

I literally never searched for how to make money online, but during the time I searched I learned PHP programming language through a demo PTC Script.

I used to be a geek in computers, even today.

Overtime I got good an coding and life went on heading towards to “working for someone”.

I graduated in 2012 and landed on job. It felt like eating plates and plates of shit every day from clients my boss.

Everyday used to be a f***ing Monday to me. I left that job and I was back to square one because it wasn’t worth my time.

I was in room, thinking about college and one day it hit me. I hate to work for someone then why am I trying hard to work for someone.

At this time, we were financially at bad place (even after winning a 40,000 OMR raffle draw)

I had to do something about it. Life got so frustrated and tiring.

I searched online for “Financial Freedom” that was when Robert Kiyosaki smiled at me the with his best-selling book “Rich Dad, Poor Dad”

I never used to be an avid reader at all but I found that book so intriguing that I didn’t even know that I missed my lunch and evening coffee, because I was realy concentrated into that book and just the way we were in financial trouble.

I set out to find a job so I can implement what I learned from that book but I was in November when Oman came up with a new rule which hit me right at my balls.

The Oman government banned visas for all expats for 6 months. It was the most insane moments of my life.

So there was no chance for me to get a job in Oman and I personally don’t like to work in India (Yes, I’m an Indian, I swear. See my picture on the sidebar. I have a big nose, that’s pretty Indian LOL)

Hence I searched for opportunities to make money online and I came across a mentor from whom I learned a whole lot about internet marketing.

He began with…

Continue reading The 3 Cs of Internet Marketing

How To Come Up With Some Killer Call To Action Buttons

I think Call To Actions are pretty important because that’s what drives people to take action on the piece of content you have put out there.

If you joined any biz op out there, or if you are promoting an affiliate product (like I do) and if you are not being successful….

When I say successful, I mean, if your conversion rate is too low or none, then the fastest way to increase your conversion rate is to use call-to-action buttons effectively.

It applies to all steps of marketing, whether it be for capturing leads or getting sales.

The following are the 4 tips I employ to increase my conversion rates

You can use it too. 😉

#1 – Standout using contrast colors

Your website must have the same basic color scheme on all pages, posts, sidebars etc.

That’s Web Designing 101. Don’t sweat it you can get some nice designs for your blog for very cheap and if you were to join my team I’ll give you couple of my own customizable themes too.

Speaking of Call-to-Actions, your CTAs will break the color scheme of your site.

It should, because human eye is attracted instantly to a contrast color the very instance its visible.

Ever tried to ignore a red color on the traffic lights while driving? No matter where you are looking (unless backwards) you will definitely notice the red color.

Similarly, your CTAs will stand out giving you a strong command of their attention. Use it wisely.

#2 – Bigger is better

Your call-to-action button should be larger than the rest of the text on the page. But hey, don’t get too carried away though, there is a limit.

Its must be bigger than the other text and presentable to readers.

The best way to understand that is through trial and error because that’s how you determine the taste of your readers.

How do you get readers right at the start of your blog? Two Words.

Social Media.

I’ll link a post over here to another post in which I’ll go over how to do it.

Be sure to bookmark this page right away.

#3 – Be Transparent

Now that we have your reader’s attention, you need to give as many information as possible in a precisely.

Let me explain.

Let them know what they are going to get and what will not be taken from them.

Your potential customers must reassured that the risk is minimal. For example, telling them that their email ids won’t be shared or the signing up does not require a credit card will lift a burden off their shoulders.

Now they will be more likely to perform the action you want them to take.

#4 – Put yourself in your reader’s shoes

Writing appealing content for your button is as important as all the tips covered above.

I have seen people use a second person kind of approach to their call to action statements, but I find it a little less converting.

Hey you are anyways going to spend some time to think and use your creative juices to come up a title so why don’t think a little harder to get high conversion rates?


Write statements that appeal to your reader at a personal level.

For example: I want to sign up for my 30 day free trial OR Yes, I want to register.

In these statements you are talking your reader’s mind and you subconsciously allow the potential client to visualize himself or herself already making the decision you want them to make.

Make Sense?

Also do understand this, your call-to-action is not simply what you would like your potential customers to do for you.

It should tell them what you want them to do specifically, precisely and directly.

You want to use your call to actions in your blog posts because thats how you build your relationships and get sales.

Checkout how to create a call to action button in powerpoint? It really simple!


How to set a crystal clear “why” for your business

In many of my previous posts, I had mentioned the importance of having clarity of what you want to achieve to make money online, especially in the 4 pitfalls to avoid while blogging to make money online.

In this post, I wanna show you how to get clear of it.

Its not just that you go ahead and write down, “I want this. I want that “like a kid in a candy shop

There are some specific questions you need to quiz yourself and its imperative that you think about these questions long and hard and come to a rock solid answer.

This income goal setting process is set for a period of 90 days.

Why…90 days? 90 days is a decent time period for getting Google to recognize your post and to build your credibility.

I am going to right the answer from my perspective so you can model that answer the questions accordingly.

Make sure that you choose your offer prior to going through with this exercise.

Just a word of advice, never ever choose your offer based on it’s reselling proposition or just for the business opportunity in it. Always choose a product by researching the company’s product line because that’s what solves your customer’s needs not the biz op.

I am an Empower Network affiliate and I know the quality of the products as I own them and my work ethic so based on that I will be writing down my goals.

Lot of ands…I kmow.

Let’s get on with it.

Question #1: What is the income goal you want to achieve in the next 90 days?

I want to hit $20,000 per month in 90 days.

Question #2: Why do you want that income amount? What purpose will it serve in your life? What is a reason to drive you to accomplish that income goal?

I want that income amount to migrate to Australia and have a better lifestyle. That amount will enable me to start my dream technology based business. I have been looked up on as an under achiever by many. Due to the ways I was bought up, being perceived as an under achiever took a toll on my lack of self-confidence. $20,000 is just the beginning for me to show all those naysayers the big old middle finger and my dream business just solidifies my legacy. The very thought of me standing tall and letting nobodies opinion of me becoming my reality empowers me and gives me the drive to crush it.

Question #3: What evidence is there going to be in your life to show that you have accomplished your outcome?

I would be able to migrate to Australia, live healthy and feel healthy. No more worries of lack of money. Peace of mind. No more waiting for monthly paycheck. No more bosses to suck up to. I will be able to fully focus my mind building my dream business where my passion lies and use that technology to contribute to the betterment of my team.

Question #4: What reward are you going to create for yourself when you reach your outcome? Every time you hit a goal, celebrate.

I have always dreamed on buying a celebration drink from the mall and pop open that bottle and share that moment with my parents.

Question #5: Where are you when you see the evidence that you have achieved your outcome?

It depends if I am going to be in Oman, I’ll be at my room and if I’m in India (like right now), I would be at my aunt’s place.

Question #6: Write out your outcome statement in present tense, in first person and using all of your senses.

I, Brian Babu, am sitting on my couch in Muscat (depending on where I am at that moment). The date is 1st August 2014 and I’ve just logged into my account and I click the “My Commissions” tab and scroll over to the date period of 1st July 2014 to 31st July 2014 and as I am waiting for getting the screen refreshed, I see that I earned $20,500 in the month of July. I refresh the screen again to refresh if the earning was the grand total of the income or if it is just for July 2014 and I realize it was no mistake but a fact that I nailed it. I break down tears as I see it and lay my head on the table thinking about everything I did in the last 90 days. I never thought if it was possible. I log on to and see the amount of money I accumulated over the last 90 days. I take a screenshot of the eWallet and my commissions tab and put an income disclosure link on it and share the screenshot on facebook preparing to empower more lives. Now just to reward myself I’m going to MGM Costa and order a medium hot chocolate and going through the moments I had spent my time in there using their WiFi to reach my first income goal.

See, this is how you get clear of your Why. You need to have the clearest image of you achieving your goal. You have to feel and be in that moment in such a way you are able to smell it, taste it and be in that moment.

That level of clarity will solidify your will to push through whatever challenges may come your way. You will then know what to work towards.

This is just the tip of a world of information in the 15K formula. You can join my team and get your hands on the 15K Formula and take advantage of my bonuses.

Until next time folks,

Brian Babu
“Your Success Engineer”