Building a Successful Online Business Without Getting Ranked on Google

In the last post I had explained How I got my shopping cart ranked on Google by choosing the right niche and doing a keyword research.

…and yes I do understand ranking on Google is difficult and takes some time and effort because of the competition in the marketplace.

You can't blame Google for that because thats what happens when douchebags (search engine spammers) manipulate Google for getting ranked.

Besides that, lets face it, even if you get ranked on Google today it doesn't mean that you will stay ranked on top after a few months or even weeks because you are competing with a massive marketplace of people who are competing for the same keyword you choose.

This post is for those folks, who are in a highly competitive niche and all ideas are taken and used by other marketers.

The only logical option next for most marketers is to get into paid advertising to stay on top of all Organic Results on Google.

What if, I told you, you could get MASSIVE traffic and still generate leads and sales WITHOUT getting ranked on Google?

Impossible? You wish.

There are other traffic sources out there that many people choose to search rather than just Google. Sure, Google gets the lion’s share when it comes to searching information.

…but there are real people who do search for information on other distributor networks which can get you a real good amount of targeted traffic to generate leads and convert sales.

Before I get into more details, let me start of by mentioning, the alternate way of getting leads and sales is not spamming.

We are syndicating our content on different networks to get eyeballs to your site and/or for getting backlinks.

Which all networks? Here is the list of networks I suggest you do syndicate.

1. Social Media

This is the sure fire way to get as many eyeballs as possible on your content. Sharing your content with people who are interested in your content is what is going to make the difference for you.

Most new marketers spam in social media but they fail because they are not showing their content to the hungry crowd, a.k.a, those people who are interested in your niche.

When I say “Social Media”, I mean all of it. Not just Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and Pinterest. There are a lot of people social networks people are constantly visiting.

If you miss out of bringing your content in front of their eye, then I can guarantee you one thing, you are leaving a lot of leads and sales on the table.

Create accounts in social networks possible, DON’T SPAM but be social. Engage and participate.

2. Content Networks

As mentioned earlier there are many content distribution networks on the web and for a small majority of people their search for things online start from those networks…

Yes I know it sounds strange…I go directly on Google for searching but there are a group of people who use content networks.

To give you few example of some content networks, I would recommend (owned by LinkedIn), ezinearticles, etc.

Remember you need to repurpose your content before you put up your content here. For example of slideshare, you need to create an engaging PPT for your post to get viewers in your post and they are pretty nasty at finding spam. Zero tolerance.

Almost like if you use a keyword 2 times (well sort of like that, not exactly twice). Your account is history.

I get good results from Social media so I’m sticking with it.

3. Niche Forums

Getting your content repurposed and published on various niche forums can help you become an authority figure which means, when you blog consistently and add your content to other blogs, readers of that niche see you as an authourity in that niche.

The more blog content you repurpose and publish the better results you get. Through this process you can get natural backlinks to your blog and Google loves seeing backlinks to your blog, making you look like a sexy beast in the eyes of the Google Spiders.

4. Backlink building software

Ok, I know this is going to cause some debate. Google is now smart to find out if you are spamming links all over the web but the radar is set up to high to even trigger it.

Let me explain, before Google came out with the Panda and Penguin update, all the blogs with almost 8 million backlinks used to get ranked high on Google as they found it to be useful as per their algorithm.

So why do I suggest using a Backlink building software? Here is why…

8 million backlinks is so effing impossible for a blog to achieve….

However, you can get somewhere around 800+ backlinks, that wouldn’t hurt your blog. If your content is really good, people would share your content on social media which is a hint for Google and other search engines to rank your blog high.

So if I compare blogging with bodybuilding, using backlink building software is like using steroids in the bodybuilding world. You can get your blog enhanced with a little support from actual niche website which are not spammy and helping you to rank your content on Google.

Its more like a fastlane to getting ranked on Google but the quality of your content does matter.

Check out this article on How to create Google quality content.

This traffic source is the best if you want faster results and if you don’t have a budget for paid ads.

It doesn’t matter how competitive your niche or your keywords because in this method we do not really on Google for getting ranked, we directly get our eyeballs from other sources.

However, its recommended that you write a piece of content with Google on-page SEO implemented on it because on the long, if you do get Google’s attention for any keyword via social media or other sources, you do not want to get that opportunity passed away from you just because of the poor on-page SEO.

I hope you for some value from this content. If you have been blogging lately, feel free to share your sources of traffic in the comments below. Lets help and grow together.

Feel free to share, like, tweet, pin using the links below. I would really appreciate that.

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