Why Blogging Is Crucial For Your Success Online

Affiliate marketing, network marketing, direct sales or maybe you have a traditional offline business.

Regardless of what industry and niche you are in, having a blog can tremendously bring you results like clockwork on the long run.

People often neglect having a blog on their site because of the lack of instant gratification of results at the beginning stage of a blog.

It’s a long term strategy to success. Imagine making money from a blog post or a video you put online years back.

That thought alone can help you realize that the short-term effort you put to your business is getting you paid for the years to come even if it doesn’t show much reflection on your tracking number initially.

That’s just the way it is.

Kinda like fitness. Lifting weight for one day will not get you in shape. On the long run, you will become.

There is an unbelievable percentage of people out there who thinks blogging is just a waste of time and blogging is not for businesses and its something you do for fun.

I would strongly disagree to that because the whole World Wide Web is built on content from multiple blogs.

Deferring from that fact, I believe is blogging is the best way to even start a revolution and to sound your opinion to people across the globe.

(Am I sounding somewhat like a techno politician? Haha…)

Now I wanna go over the blogging mindset

Mindset of Blogging

Truth be told, blogging is not a GET RICH QUICK method of marketing. It requires three things

  • Consistency
  • Good Compelling Content
  • User Engagement by driving traffic

These core steps are essential to take advantage of a blog.

Quantity is of least importance here. Quality is what you have to work on.

The more quality of the content, the more engagement on your blog leading to subscribers and customers.

Sometimes my posts go way over the board to 1000+ words, but it depends, if you like to convey something in detail, you can shoot for it.

…but a word of caution, consistent lengthy blogging can suck up your time so manage it wisely.

That’s the mindset of blogging in a nutshell.

Significance of Blogging

Blogging is simply the easiest way to get started to building your credibility as a marketer.

A blog with helpful information can transform you into an expert that people look upto over time because of the content you have on your blog.

People get instantly attracted to anyone who is boldly and confidently giving them useful information.

Sure, in the beginning, blogging might look like a waste of time, I know I used to feel it once but overtime as people read my post, it was like people knows that I know what I know.

A lot of I knows, right…??

When you blog there is miraculous thing happening to you and for your end user.

You will learn what you are blogging about and express it in your own words for the world to see.

As times goes on and you pile up content upon content upon contents and so on…you unconsciously become a leader in that niche, because of the user engagement and traffic you drove to the site.

The visitor who reads your blog post will feel an invisible connection with you, because you are simply expressing what you learned to a group of people who are hungry for the information you share.

This is the just a lead generation aspect of it.

Blogging and shooting videos consistently can actually help you become a better public speaker because when you write you are writing you improving your usage of words and when you make videos you are tapping in to the nervous system that functions while you speak in public.

It kinda like a one-stop solution to auto-pilot, relationship building, improving vocabulary and public-speaking training over time.

If you look closely into these qualities, aren’t these the qualities you see in a person who is a leader in his niche; aren’t these the qualities you would have wished you had while you saw someone having these qualities?

Believe me, it absolutely magical to have all these abilities in you and at the same time helping people to make money online is like icing on the cake.


Blogging consistently can help you transform yourself as well as impact other people’s lives effectively and the key is to create good compelling content and ofcourse, Tell others…

So guys, I would love to know your feedback on this article, let me know in the comments below.

Until next time,

Brian Babu
Your Success Coach

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