Why blog daily to get ranked on Google?

In order to generate leads for FREE you need to Blog daily to get ranked on Google.

Blogging daily is sort of like an obstacle for most new marketers who want to make money online.

For those folks, who have never blogged before, it could be a challenging task.

So allow me break this down for you.

In this article am going to explain why you need to blog daily to get ranked on Google & How to blog daily to get ranked on Google.

Before we talk about this in detail let us see what our core objective is.

Our objective is to get ranked on Google.

Blogging daily is one small factor to getting ranked on Google.

To get ranked on Google fast, Google needs to know that you have a lot of content to share in a particular niche.

When Google Bots come across your site and if it doesn’t see much content added on consistent basis, Google ranks you low because it can’t rely on a blog which doesn’t give out fresh content.

Sure its hard to blog daily to get ranked on Google, which is why not everyone makes the BIG bucks online.

See it like this. Google or any other search engine is in the business of giving the right kind of information to information seekers.


They are constantly on the lookout for fresh content which would satisfy their users. If you can prove Google, that your content is useful then you got it.

Search engines have become very sophisticated over the years. Your rank on Google is just a result of numerous factors.

One of them is being consistent in blogging daily. When you generate new content frequently Google now recognizes your blog as an authority, as it has new information coming everyday consistently.

Apart from getting on the top 10 sweet spots of Google, blogging daily can help you become an expert in your niche as you research and learn more information from different sources.

Aside from those benefits you will get better with your writing skills and don't make the embarrassing mistake in the image below...LRMAO

Blog Daily to Get Ranked on Google

How To Blog Daily To Get Ranked On Google?

Lets face it, both of us become lazy once in a while, that’s just human nature.

We ain’t robots. Despite this problem, How can you be consistent and blog daily to get ranked on Google?

Simple, but not easy, Why? It still does require you.

I can offer you an easy solution, which will help you stay motivated which helps you to churn out new content consistently and love it.

The key is to keep it interesting. It all starts with you choosing the right niche to make money online blogging.

Choose the niche that you love to write and think about all day.

Go after the least competition keyword if you are going to be ranking on Google. If your motive is to get many eyeballs to your page without the help of Google, then I’ve explained that process right here.

So once you have chosen your passionate money making niche and selected the right keyword.

Your objective is choose a specific portion in that niche for the present week.

On Weekends you could select a topic in your niche and blog about it.

For example, if you niche is internet marketing, the first week you could blog about How to setup your blog and stuff like that and the next week you can choose another and blog about them daily.

Now when you blog daily I suggest you try to create posts that have a relation with each other so you can link those articles with each other and those type of internal linking are something Google does look for while going through your blog posts.

Its all about choosing the right niche.

I chose Internet Marketing and making lazy money online because I love this niche, every time I learn something I get so damn pumped and excited which enables me to blog daily to get ranked on Google.

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