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The 3 Cs of Internet Marketing

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Here is some golden nuggets for ya’ll. I am going to be explaining you the 3Cs of Internet Marketing

While I was telling others about my blog posts and sharing value on Social media, I saw people doing the same old crap I used to do back in, 2009 when I got started online.

This going to be long folks. This is my story on how I got started online and why or if you just wanna know the 3 Cs, scroll down.

Here is the reason why I even got started. During my 1st year in engineering I used to wonder what my life is going to be after engineering.

Usually people have this thought towards the end of the college years. ( so does that make me a genius?? Don’t know :P)

My Dad used to work as an HR manager and I have seen a lot of Computer science Engineer’s CVs and based on that, the only possible conclusion I could come to, is that after 4-years I would be working for someone and relying on paychecks.

Deep down inside, I just couldn’t accept it. I felt it offensive to work for someone to make a living.

If human brains had two columns as good and bad, I would put ‘working for someone’ as bad, that’s how my thinking process was.

It was in 2009 while I was in computer lab I first searched for “Making Money Online”

…and I fell into this pit hole of utter BS.

I was introduced to Paid to clicks, Paid to Read etc and other Paid-to stuff which is both time consuming, and frustratingly slow to profit from.

Honestly my earnings in that stuff was $80 in 6 months i.e $13 per month.

Well, after a while I got fed up with this thing and I came to a conclusion that “Its not possible to make money online.”

I literally never searched for how to make money online, but during the time I searched I learned PHP programming language through a demo PTC Script.

I used to be a geek in computers, even today.

Overtime I got good an coding and life went on heading towards to “working for someone”.

I graduated in 2012 and landed on job. It felt like eating plates and plates of shit every day from clients my boss.

Everyday used to be a f***ing Monday to me. I left that job and I was back to square one because it wasn’t worth my time.

I was in room, thinking about college and one day it hit me. I hate to work for someone then why am I trying hard to work for someone.

At this time, we were financially at bad place (even after winning a 40,000 OMR raffle draw)

I had to do something about it. Life got so frustrated and tiring.

I searched online for “Financial Freedom” that was when Robert Kiyosaki smiled at me the with his best-selling book “Rich Dad, Poor Dad”

I never used to be an avid reader at all but I found that book so intriguing that I didn’t even know that I missed my lunch and evening coffee, because I was realy concentrated into that book and just the way we were in financial trouble.

I set out to find a job so I can implement what I learned from that book but I was in November when Oman came up with a new rule which hit me right at my balls.

The Oman government banned visas for all expats for 6 months. It was the most insane moments of my life.

So there was no chance for me to get a job in Oman and I personally don’t like to work in India (Yes, I’m an Indian, I swear. See my picture on the sidebar. I have a big nose, that’s pretty Indian LOL)

Hence I searched for opportunities to make money online and I came across a mentor from whom I learned a whole lot about internet marketing.

He began with…

The 3Cs of Internet Marketing

In simple terms the 3 Cs are

Create Traffic

create traffic

Traffic is your life blood of internet marketing. Period. There is no questions about.

Unless you get in touch with people who are interested in what you offer as a solution, then how can you get them to buy?

How can you get benefited from promoting something online?

There are different types of traffic. Some people believe in targeting all kinds of people. They tend to market to everyone but the problem is, they will not make a dime that.


Because they are trying to market to everyone rather than focusing on serving a targeted subset of the massive traffic.

Targeted traffic are the ones you can build relations with. Those are the ones who are interested in what you have to offer.

The next question is how do you find those people who are interested in what you are offering?

Well, you cant get into their brains telepathically and find out what their problems are, right?

My advice, would be to go to places where people are spending their time on. Places where people are engaged in doing some activity or the other.

Social Media. There are billions of users of social media logged in at the same time. Which means you will be to get in front of a MASSIVE amount of people just by being on Social media.

I don’t mean spamming. DO NOT SPAM TO MAKE A SALE!

That’s just not ethical.

It’s okay to post your content to those people or groups of people who are interested in your stuff.

Its totally uncool to just spam your link all around the web.

I find it very strange that even after seeing people like me advising people not to spam, still people would do the same crappy methods of traffic by spam.

Heres how I do it.

I generally take a good solid 1 hour to write up a blog post to deliver value and share my content on my page, on my profile and in the groups that are related to what I promote.

Probably you came here as a result of one of marketing efforts like that.

Guess what, I do this daily. Traffic can be created instantly if you want conversions then you got leads and the only possible way to do that is to build relationship by being consistent.

Just like any valuable in life, you cannot build relationship overnight. It’s impossible.

So be consistent and take massive action. Deliver value, drive traffic, daily.

Capture Leads

Capture lesds

I just love this graphic by innodan.com

If you are driving traffic to your posts and not capturing leads you are doing the number one mistake for your online business.

Traffic can be created from many sources. It could be created from Social media, Paid Traffic, guest blogging etc.

If you want your marketing efforts to pay off, you need to have a system in place to capture leads.

Capturing leads is as important as writing a killer blog post and sharing content daily.

How do you capture leads?

You see leads are quite frankly your prospective customer’s email address. So your job as a marketer, is to capture email ids of those people who are interested in what you are promoting.

Make Sense? Alright. If you got any doubts, let me know in the comment below.

To answer the question “How do you capture leads?”

It’s a two part answer actually.

The first part of the answers is that, using a lead capture page like this, you can capture leads aka email ids.

Essentially a lead capture page would consist of a headline which delivers a big promise to your prospective visitor and form which allows them to put in their email address, so you can contact them later on.

The second part of the answer is more of a why to that question. “Why would somebody give their personal info to you?”

Here is the thing. If you trust someone so much to the point that you know that he/she won’t misuse your personal info, wouldn’t you give them?

The only reason somebody opts into your list is because they are interested in what you do as a marketer and would like to know more about it and they are willing to share it with you because they trust you.

Building relationship really does go a loooong way. This is what will take you business to newer heights, enabling you to diversify and impact more people with your offer.

There is a third side to that question is how do you get someone to put their email. This is by sharing value and having them thirst for more info.

If you visitor just loves what you share from your heart and wants to know more from you, then you have tapped their desire for you.

That desire you created by putting content out there daily will help you capture leads by promising them something exclusive in exchange for their email id.

This is where Call to Action comes into play. Check out “How To Come Up With Some Killer Call To Action Buttons”

And we are moving on to the next one…

Convert to sales


This is easy is you get the above to right.

When you put your content out there for people to see, they get naturally attracted to you.

When you do that on daily basis, you are piling up content after content after content which would help you in building your relations in social media.

This will get you a lot of followers and eventually you become a little bit of a celebrity in your niche like Lawrence Tam, Vick Strizheus, Justin Verrengia.

When you get to that point, then its all a breeze.

Besides, your content is there to stay. So if you spent time on a piece of content, it is still going to make you money for the long term, until you shut it down.

Oh, I got a little drifted off…

How do I convert sales? Simple but not easy.

You simply ask for it. Yeah.

Always initially deliver value. After you get a lead optin into your list you need to generate a positive expectancy with them by give more value and getting much more personal with them.

After that stage you can deliver value and also ask for a sale. Your lead will do business with you if they trust you and the trust factor is all on you.

You have got to be giving value freely so you don’t let people to hesitate to buy from you.

So folks, that’s all for the 3Cs of Internet Marketing.

Hope you got a ton of value from this post. I would appreciate it if you liked and shared this post.

Do let me know your opinions about this post in the comments below.

Until next time,


Brian Babu
Your Success Engineer


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